Archello Awards · Winners Announced
Archello Awards 2023 · Winners Announced
Archello Awards 2023
Winners Announced
Introducing Partner Cosentino

Introducing Partner Cosentino

30 Oct 2023  •  パートナーニュース  •  By Collin Anderson

When it comes to durable home finishes, stone is among the most trusted options in the construction industry. Natural stones are excellent for their ability to be long lasting and resistant to wear, often over generations of use. In addition to quarry-cut stones, today’s market also features a wide variety of more carbon-friendly yet equally reliable engineered stone surfaces made in controlled factory conditions. 

Through experimentation with mineral combinations and compaction processes, engineered stones have been modified to offer reduced porosity and increased uniformity, making them more resistant to scratching, staining and breaking. With the mixing of additives, some engineered surfaces are antimicrobial and can help lead to healthier residential spaces.

Among the most innovative companies in the stone finish industry is Cosentino. Cosentino is a family-owned Spanish company first founded as a marble manufacturer in 1945. Its focus on research and technology has propelled it into becoming one of most sought after brands for both natural and engineered stones. 

In 2022 Cosentino reached a particularly significant milestone by producing its Silestone engineered stone product series using a patented technology called HybriQ. Cosentino invested some €12 million and 1,200 hours of research and development towards the sustainable technology, which involves both a new production process and a new hybrid product composition of raw mineral materials mixed with recycled materials to deliver a performance equal or better to natural stone.

Here are three key products selected by Archello as representative of Cosentino’s portfolio:



photo_credit Denilson Machado
Denilson Machado
Cobertura Bloco B
SAINZ arquitetura

The "Cobertura Bloco B" is a complete and radical renovation project of a luxury duplex apartment located in Brasília, Brazil. This elegant space has been adapted to meet the needs of a young couple with two daughters.

Dekton by Cosentino is an engineered stone that combines 20 natural minerals compacted to form impermeable, strong and lightweight surfaces in an array of colors. While traditionally used for kitchen countertops, Dekton’s product range has been expanded to include panels for facades as well as a new and ultra-compact surface suitable for both indoor and outdoor stairs, floors, walls and furniture. The product is certified as carbon-neutral.



photo_credit Javier de Paz
Javier de Paz
House in a Haberdashery
OOIIO Architecture
New opportunities for obsolete spaces: OOIIO Architecture completes the transformation of a former Shop into an Apartment in Madrid. In just 55 m2 this colorful home concentrates what is necessary for a contem...

Silestone is an engineered stone consisting of a mix that is more than 90 percent natural stone. It is used for kitchen countertops as well as for bathrooms, floors and other clad surfaces. Its engineering allows it to retain the strength and durability of natural stone while also making it lower porosity for stain and acid resistance. Silestone resists shocks from impact better than granite, and its hardness makes it difficult to scratch or damage.



photo_credit Cosentino
Sensa Nilo
Brazilian quartzite with a dark grey background over which striking faded grey veins give a sensation of movement to the material. This powerful natural design confers an unseen elegance to this new exclusive stone of...

Sensa is a natural stone surface with a protective treatment that reduces porosity to provide high stain resistance, and which comes with a 15-year certified guarantee.  The Sensa series is offered in a range of colors and each slab features unique veining. The product is available in 20 and 30 millimeter thicknesses for countertops and 30 millimeters for paneling.