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Archello Awards 2023 · Winners Announced
Archello Awards 2023
Winners Announced

Energy efficiency

energy efficiency に関するプロジェクト、製品、独占記事の概要

ニュース仕様 • 3 Jan 2024

10 educational facilities that prioritize energy self-sufficiency

The International Energy Agency (IEA) highlights that operating buildings accounts for “30 percent of global final energy consumption and 26 percent of global energy-related emissions.” The 26 percent figure equates to a combination of direct emissions (8 percent) from buildings themselves and indirect emissions (18 percent) from producing the electricity and heat that buildings use. Buildings that improve their energy efficiency (and self-sufficiency), particularly those that are energy-positive or energy-neutral, will, in addition to significantly lowering costs, improve air quality and comfort levels for their users: in effect, improving the overall health and vitality of people. A number of factors are related to energy eff... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にTeass \ Warren Architects民家

NetZero Rowhouse

NetZeroRowHouse began as two architects designing and building a home for their family in the Capitol Hill / H Street neighborhood of Washington DC.  A simple notion about adding solar panels started the journey to create a Net Zero Row House. Caption The original 1925 brick rowhouse was completely reconstructed and expanded.  The front façade and porch were retained to preserve the character of the street.  A third-floor addition, for the principal suite and home office, is setback from the existing roof line, creating a private roof deck.  The lower cellar level was fully excavated with a new entrance to access the accessory dwelling unit / rental apartment.  The addition is clad with a combination of... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にRealrich Architecture Workshop RAW Architecture -ホテル


The Akanaka boarding house is an example of how passive design is executed with simple methods, starting from providing maximum openings for light and air into the building with local material engineering.  Ahkamal Hakim “I want a residence that is comfortable, natural, and energy efficient,” said Mr. Yuwono to Realrich Sjarief when he stated the brief of Akanaka. Akanaka is located on 800 sqm of land, and consists of 19 serviced bedrooms, in 2 level building with an open-air corridor. It is in Kemang, South Jakarta, a precinct that is well known as the art district. Ahkamal Hakim   From the facade, Akanaka’s 4.5 meters cantilevered canopy blocks the east-west sun while giving a tropical device for h... もっと見る

製品情報 • にAlumil S.ASMARTIA M35


SMARTIA M35 is a “value for money” curtain wall system which ideally combines aestetics and high performances. Its minimal design offering reduced sightline, compared to other typicall Curtain Wall Systems, at 35mm, renders SMARTIA M35 ideal for Transparent Architecture. もっと見る

プロジェクト • にRaj Karan Designs個々の建物

Flux Farm

The site is a hide away, embraced by the Aravali Range with its greenery punctuated by quarried Rock, Kota village and the ITC golf course.The client being a golf enthusiast and having farming as a hobby, desired to use the place as a weekend getaway from his city life. Client’s brief was to create a farmhouse which would merge with its surroundings. Finishes were to have minimum required maintenance as the place would be used only once in a week. The vocabulary of the place was identified to resonate with the client’s personality - a symphony of contemporary and rustic. The site is of 3 acres, zoning of the which has been done in three parts, Main House, Servant Quarters and the Fields. 1.5 acres allocated to the fields and... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にANA DESIGN STUDIO PVT LTDショッピングセンター

Calabar Shopping Mall

In 2013, the Artee Group of Nigeria appointed ANA as primary design consultants for their retail real estate development projects. Artee is the largest retail supermarket player in Nigeria and represents SPAR as a brand.They successfully owned and operated 9 hypermarkets, prior to their foray in the retail real estate segment. Nigeria offers great opportunity, being a hydrocarbon producer and exporter, as well as boasting a largely young, urban and literate population.The aspirational Nigerian population was driving a huge consumption-driven economy, and the Artee Group wanted to create long term value, by providing well designed and well serviced modern retail malls in key cities. Being themselves the anchor tenants (as a SPAR hypermarke... もっと見る


Railway Equipment Industry for Plasser India

Project Type: Railway Equipment Manufacturing Facility Brief of the Project: Locomotive manufacturing facility planned to cater to three assembly lines and air conditioning designed on the concept of radiant and geothermal cooling. The green spine is designed with an oxygen regenerated plant to purify the air from process area.   Area: 5,00,000 sq ft   There can be no doubt, that the driver for prosperity and large scale economic growth and a sustainable future will be industry. While there is a lot of exciting work being carried out in the service industry sector, especially IT and ITES, there is a large scope of improvement and growth in the design environment for the manufacturing industry. At ANA, we have tried to use t... もっと見る


Kashmir University New Admin Block

Client’s Brief: Kashmir University in Srinagar is one of the oldest and most respected institutions of higher learning in the valley. The University has grown in size and stature over the years, and a need was felt to create an administrative hub, which could accommodate the office of the Vice Chancellor, the Registrar and Deans, apart from the administrative heads such as Finance and Accounts, Estates and Development and various other administrative functions.   The University wanted a building that was respectful of the vernacular language, and yet a high fit and high performance contemporary building. They wanted a building that would utilise current trends in open work culture, natural light, informal interaction spaces an... もっと見る


Leh Satellite Campus Kashmir University

“Breath-taking” is a double edged sword… in Leh.  There are tomes written about the majesty, grandeur and the raw beauty of Ladakh, and for those who have travelled, and had a bout of “mountain sickness”, it’s quite something else.   The mountains, and the shadows cast by clouds in different seasons create a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colour and texture. And yet, for those who live there, the weather and the altitude are a formidable companion to live with. And if that was not enough, it is a highly unstable, seismically active geology!  How does one, then, create a built environment, that is …“suitable”!? A simple word.. which sets off a whole area of research. Arm... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にAlumil S.A事務所

Via Green

The architectural concept of the building concerns the dismantling of the façade and it’s penetration by nature, providing Via Green with a unique ecological character. Two separate building blocks are combined on the first floors and compose a unique space of offices, luxury restaurants and shops. Through the minimum use of visible concrete and the use of curtain walls, the building succeeds in not dominating its surrounding area. The natural light flows unobstructed into the building, enhancing the growth of plants which are scattered on the façade, providing a breath of calmness to the anxiety of the capital city of Ankara. Simple and minimalistic form, followed by lines bent in the horizontal layout, which formulate... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にZeroEnergy Design民家

Dartmouth Oceanfront

This stunning oceanfront home in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, was designed to take advantage of the site and accommodate the homeowners’ desire for entertaining, aging in place, and a comfortable, low carbon lifestyle. While the street-side entrance is reserved and private, the generously glazed western façade offers magnificent views of the sunset from all the primary living spaces.   In addition to amenities such as multiple outdoor living areas, swimming pool, and a master suite with a private roof deck and outdoor shower, this modern home also features a super-tight building envelope and well-designed mechanical systems foroptimal thermal comfort and exceptionally low energy consumption. A photovoltaic system on t... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にDP Architects事務所

Zero Energy Building at BCA Academy

For more than four decades, DP Architects (DPA) has been dedicated to ensuring its architecture is designed and built to enrich the human experience and spirit. Our projects constantly aim to improve the quality of life of the people using the buildings and spaces by being sensitive to the context and environment. As an integrated, multidisciplinary practice with a complete suite of services including architecture, master planning, landscape design, sustainable design and more, DPA has a track record of working together with our sustainable design team to create environmentally sustainable developments of varying scales and scopes. DPA’s green DNA in our design and execution is best exemplified in a zero energy building located at BCA Acade... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にRockpanelプール

Water Park Tychy

The most energy-efficient water park in Poland, and maybe even in Europe with its eye-catching facade cladding. Like a chameleon the facade changes colour under the influence of the sun. This is the building of the Water Park in Tychy. An innovative project by the Schick Architekci by TKHolding studio.Inspiration - the waves of the Paprocański LakeThe main objective of the designers of the facility - Paweł Kobierzewski and Andrzej Truszczyński - was to create an individual project that would fit perfectly into the surroundings as well as the needs of the residents of Tychy. In comparison to the rest of Silesia, Tychy is a relatively young city that develops very dynamically on many levels. The Schick Architekci by TKHolding studio decided t... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にULMA Architectural Solutions研究施設


The CRAG building, located on the Barcelona Autonomous University campus, has been designed with a Ventilated Facade, combined with a wide range of panel colours and formats.Sustainability and energy efficiency  もっと見る

プロジェクト • にSUMO Architects駐車場

MultiFacility Municipal Building in Sant Martí

St Martí's Primary School forms part of a Multi-facility Municipal Building with an Adult Education Centre and a two storey underground public car-park, in the neighbourhood of Poblenou in Barcelona. The car-park’s structural grid outlines the buildings above. How could we re-think the school starting from the urbanity of its location? Nowadays, the regulations and the guidelines that guide the development of this type of facility buildings are indifferent to their surroundings. The requeriments of outdoor and indoor spaces are the same for a school in a rural environment as for one in a dense urban surroundings. These poorly considered requeriments result in a very extensive, wide and open schools in rural and on the other hand, in sch... もっと見る