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Archello Awards 2023 · Winners Announced
Archello Awards 2023
Winners Announced
25 best architecture firms in Hong Kong
LAAB Architects

25 best architecture firms in Hong Kong

22 Dec 2023  •  ニュース  •  By Surabhi Patil

Hong Kong, a crucible of high-rise buildings, boasts the world’s highest number of skyscrapers per square mile, set against a picturesque backdrop of the bustling Victoria Harbour on one side and a lush mountain range on the other. The iconic vertical cityscape features contemporary marvels by renowned architects like Norman Foster, IM Pei, and Zaha Hadid, among others. Amidst this modernity, remnants of the past persist, evident in the colonial-era buildings and traditional Chinese architecture.

However, the region’s architectural narrative has evolved significantly with its positioning as a global financial powerhouse, resulting in an influx of soaring edifices in the past few decades. Facing the challenges of limited space, architectural firms in present-day Hong Kong are designing forward-thinking structures that embrace adaptability and innovation. Below is a list of 25 architectural firms that showcase Hong Kong’s current and evolving architectural trends:



photo_credit Aedas

1. Aedas

Aedas represents a unique architectural and design firm headquartered in Hong Kong, merging global insights, local expertise, and an international presence. Its team of 1,100 creative professionals, situated across design studios globally, is dedicated to crafting outstanding design solutions deeply rooted in the social and cultural context of the communities it serves.



photo_credit Jeremy Cheung
Jeremy Cheung

2. LAAB Architects

LAAB Architects is an innovative hub melding art and architecture to spearhead sustainable social change. Comprising over 40 professionals—from architects and designers to engineers and sociologists—the firm collaborates extensively to transform visionary concepts into reality. Led by Otto Ng and Yip Chun Hang, the studio has been recognized as "Next Progressives" by Architect Magazine and winners of the "Design Studio of the Year" at the INDE Awards.



photo_credit Bean Buro
Bean Buro

3. Bean Buro

Bean Buro is a cross-culture architecture and interior design studio founded by Lorène Faure and Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui.  Its diverse team, comprising international designers and specialized networks, crafts sophisticated, human-centered designs, particularly focusing on hospitality-related projects. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the studio extends its practice globally. Collaborating across diverse disciplines, Bean Buro aims to address the multifaceted aspects of urban spaces in response to global cultural narratives.





LWK + PARTNERS, an esteemed architectural and design firm based in Hong Kong, operates across 11 global offices, uniting over 850 innovative professionals. Specializing in architecture, planning, interiors, landscape, heritage conservation, BIM, brand experience, and lighting design, the firm's 38-year journey has yielded diverse projects spanning mixed-use, commercial, residential, educational, transit-oriented, leisure, and public facilities.



photo_credit Rocco Design
Rocco Design

5. Rocco Design Architects Associates Ltd

Rocco Design Architects Associates Ltd, a Hong Kong-based Chinese architectural firm, navigates diverse cultural and physical landscapes in its work, emphasizing architecture as a reflection of culture. Led by Principal Mr. Rocco Yim and five Directors, Rocco Design has around 140 employees across offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Its achievements span various accolades, including international awards like the L’Opéra de la Bastille competition, ARCASIA Gold Medals, Chicago Athenaeum Architectural Awards, World Architecture Festival recognition, German Design Council Awards, Lu Ban Awards, and multiple exhibitions in prominent venues such as the Venice Biennale and the Berlin Aedes Gallery.



photo_credit Ronald Lu & Partners
Ronald Lu & Partners

6. Ronald Lu & Partners

Ronald Lu & Partners (RLP Asia), established in 1976, is an acclaimed architectural firm renowned for its life-centric and future-ready designs. With over 47 years of experience, RLP is a pioneer in sustainable architecture across Asia. Its global portfolio includes green architecture, master planning, transit-oriented development, and interior design. Collaborating with developers, government bodies, and institutions worldwide, it prioritizes client values, crafting high-density urban environments aiming to enhance lives and communities.



photo_credit OOA

7. Orient Occident Atelier OOA

Orient Occident Atelier (OOA) is a multidisciplinary design studio that focuses on architecture, interiors, and urban design. Its approach involves exploring the relationship between "objects" and their connections within surrounding spaces as the foundation for design concepts. OOA's design ethos blends Eastern and Western aesthetics while incorporating nature and functionality. OOA actively collaborates with various professions to address social and environmental issues, contributing to the development of urban and rural areas, including disaster prevention and relief efforts.



photo_credit Image28

8. Architectural Services Department

The Architectural Services Department, a government body in Hong Kong, oversees the design and construction of numerous public facilities across the region. Its expertise spans engineering, consulting, landscape architecture, project management, services, quantity surveying, and structural work. The department primarily focuses on three key areas: facilities development, monitory and advisory services and facilities upkeep.



photo_credit Jonathan Leijonhufvud
Jonathan Leijonhufvud

9. Linehouse

Linehouse, founded in 2013 by Alex Mok and Briar Hickling, blends architecture and interior design to explore the rituals of daily life in its projects. It's a collaborative studio of diverse backgrounds with extensive global experience in design and construction. Linehouse delves into various scales and project types, aiming to blend poetic concepts with practical solutions. Its approach integrates architecture, interiors, product, and graphic design, emphasizing craftsmanship, materials, and light. 



photo_credit Jonathan Leijonhufvud Architectural Photography
Jonathan Leijonhufvud Architectural Photography

10. One Plus Partnership Limited

One Plus Partnership has been crafting interiors for cinemas, restaurants, retail stores, clubhouses, sales, and commercial offices since 2004. Renowned for its distinctive thematic spaces, its design approach reflects a unique style and concepts. The studio's designs continuously explore themes through various visual interpretations, giving the interiors a vibrant and unique character. Recognized globally, One Plus Partnership's interior designs have earned numerous prestigious design awards.



photo_credit Zhang Chao
Zhang Chao

11. 10 Design

10 Design, a part of the Egis Group, operates as an international architecture and master planning firm, boasting offices in Hong Kong, Edinburgh, Dubai, London, Shenzhen, Singapore, and San Francisco. Established in 2010, its diverse team of 380 architects and designers, representing 35 nationalities, has garnered over 80 international awards while delivering projects across 60 cities worldwide. Its expertise spans various scales, from individual buildings to urban planning, emphasizing innovative solutions for multicultural endeavors across sectors such as transport, mixed-use, retail, hospitality, residential, research, and civic and cultural projects.



photo_credit HDP Photography
HDP Photography

12. NC Design & Architecture Ltd. (NCDA)

NC Design + Architecture Ltd. (NCDA) is an architectural design studio specializing in residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. Its comprehensive design scope includes interiors, custom furniture, innovative products, graphic design, and exclusive brand narratives. The studio is dedicated to storytelling as a source of inspiration, situating its projects at the crossroads of art and architecture. Currently, NCDA is engaged in several ventures, notably working on 4 fashion boutiques and 2 restaurants in Hong Kong.




13. Original Vision Ltd

Adrian founded Original Vision in 1992, and for the past 27 years, the firm has been involved in various innovative concepts in leisure architecture and design across South East Asia. Operating from Hong Kong and Thailand and executing projects throughout the region, its commitment lies in delivering inventive, high-quality designs that precisely align with client requirements while infusing a touch of inventiveness. 



photo_credit Fiona Bao
Fiona Bao

14. Groundwork Architects & Associates Ltd.

Groundwork Architects & Associates Ltd. began its journey in London in 2007, venturing into experimental architecture, urban planning, and landscape design. Its formal studio, Groundwork Architecture + Associates Ltd., was established in Hong Kong, in 2011, marking the realization of various professional, social, and theoretical projects. In recent years, the firm's growth has led to the execution of numerous visions across Asia and globally, catering to prestigious clients such as HSBC, Swire Group, Simmons Bedding International, Art Basel, M+, The Emperor Group, Café de Coral Group, and government entities like the HKSAR and Shenzhen municipal government.



photo_credit CreatAR

15. Superimpose Achitecture

Superimpose Architecture, a Sino-Dutch design studio established by Carolyn Leung, Ben de Lange, and Ruben Bergambagt, operates across Beijing, Rotterdam, and Hong Kong. Since its inception in 2015, Superimpose has engaged in diverse projects in both Europe and Asia, spanning various scales and project types. With a global team of innovative designers, the studio specializes in creating purposeful and eco-conscious spaces, covering architecture, master planning, interior design, and exhibitions. Its work has garnered multiple accolades, including the 'Iconic Awards,' the 'American Architecture Prize,' and the DFA in Hong Kong. Furthermore, it has earned nominations like the Dezeen Emerging Architect of the Year 2018 and was featured on the AD100 YOUNG list of 2020.



photo_credit Patrick Lam
Patrick Lam

16. Sim-Plex Design Studio

Sim-Plex Design Studio is an innovative design firm specializing in interior design, particularly dedicated to maximizing the potential of confined spaces. Its forte lies in crafting versatile, multifunctional spaces that fuse artistic creativity and adaptability, addressing the challenges of Hong Kong's high-density environment. Its portfolio spans interior spatial design, architectural projects, and art installations. Patrick, the founder since 2017, has spearheaded various projects across Hong Kong and India. Notably, the studio achieved the first Hong Kong win at the Dezeen Award in 2020.



photo_credit GD Media, POPO VISION

17. Panorama Design Group

Since its inception in 2003, Panorama Design Group has been renowned for crafting distinctive narrative-driven spatial experiences within expansive interior settings. Headquartered in Hong Kong with local branches in China, the firm specializes in diverse projects spanning hospitality, real estate, dining, retail, children's spaces, health, and wellness. Its accolades include over 200 international design awards, notably the 2016 IDA Design Award for Interior Design of the Year, the 2021 Red Dot Award "Best of the Best," the 2022 HKDA Global Design Awards "Hong Kong Best," and the 2022 Architizer A+Awards "Best Interior Design Firm." 



photo_credit Steven Ko Photography
Steven Ko Photography

18. M.R. Studio

M.R. Studio Ltd. (M.R.S) is a distinguished design studio specializing in hospitality, commercial, residential, and office projects. Founded by designer Myron Kwan, the studio is acclaimed for crafting bespoke interiors characterized by meticulous attention to space planning, conceptual development, and narrative immersion. M.R. Studio seeks to curate environments that resonate with its discerning clientele, fostering a mutual appreciation for craftsmanship, detail, and sophistication.




19. via.

Established in 2009, via. is an interdisciplinary architecture and interior design firm known for providing thoughtful spatial solutions in relation to the physical environment. Led by founder Frank Leung, it works with prominent developers, hospitality entities, and private clients. The studio thrives on collaborations with dedicated craftsmen and its diverse in-house talent spanning architecture, interior design, graphics, furniture, materials, and styling. With a vibrant team of over 40 members in Hong Kong, via. undertakes residential, hospitality, art, and cultural ventures across the region.



photo_credit Common Studio
Common Studio

20. Lim + Lu

Lim and Lu, a cross-disciplinary interior design studio established in New York City and rooted in Hong Kong, specializes in interior, branding, furniture, and product design. Its work has garnered extensive recognition in global publications. Lim + Lu's global recognition extends through accolades such as Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, Rising Asian Talent by Maison et Objet, 40 Under 40 by Perspective Magazine, and inclusion in Architectural Digest China's 100 Most Influential Architects and Designers.



photo_credit Josh Tam
Josh Tam

21. Alexander Wong Architects

Alexander Wong, an architect and writer hailing from Hong Kong, founded his design firm, Alexander Wong Architects, in 2001. Wong specializes in crafting luxurious residences for high-profile clients in the film industry and is renowned for innovative designs spanning residential, retail, leisure, hospitality, and cultural projects. The firm boasts an impressive portfolio, earning more than 75 major international design awards, including recognitions such as World’s Best Retail and World’s Best Show Home at the International Property Awards 2015-2016 in London, Best Young Interior Designer of the Decade 2015, and Best Innovative Architect Of The Decade 2017 in Hong Kong.



photo_credit Tom Roe
Tom Roe

22. P&T Architects & Engineers Limited

P&T Group is an architectural and engineering firm with a prominent presence in the Southeast Asia Region. Globally recognized as one of the major consultancies, the firm's extensive team of over a thousand seasoned professionals operates in more than 70 cities. P&T Group's comprehensive services encompass architectural, structural, and mechanical engineering, along with planning and project management. Complemented by in-house divisions for interior and graphic design, the firm's offerings include model making, cutting-edge computer facilities, photography services, and robust administrative support, providing a holistic approach to total design.



photo_credit Katja Lam @ COLLECTIVE


Collective is a dynamic international firm that specializes in Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design, and Exhibition Design. Headquartered in Hong Kong, with additional teams in London and Madrid, Collective maintains a global perspective deeply rooted in Asian influences. The firm, led by founder Betty Ng and co-directors Chi Yan Chan, Juan Minguez, and Katja Lam, embodies a research-driven and concept-oriented approach to architecture. The diverse team, with backgrounds spanning continents, brings a wealth of experience, including stints at renowned studios such as Rem Koolhaas/OMA and Herzog & de Meuron. 



photo_credit Scott Brooks | Imagennix
Scott Brooks | Imagennix

24. Avoid Obvious Architects

Avoid Obvious Architects is a collaborative design practice that seeks sustainable and joyful solutions for living, working, and playing. True to its name, the firm specializes in unique and accessible architecture, landscape, and interior design solutions. Actively engaging with NGOs and government bodies, Avoid Obvious Architects provides sustainable designs on a non-profit basis. Integrating art, health, context, buildability, fundraising, branding, storytelling, and science, the team is dedicated to people, history, and the environment. Since 2018, Avoid Obvious Architects has collaborated with over 20 non-profit organizations on community projects. 



photo_credit Chen Ming
Chen Ming

25. Karv One Design

Karv One Design, with offices spanning Hong Kong, Singapore, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, and Wuhan, specializes in large-scale composite spaces, crafting over 50,000 square feet of designed areas that captivate more than 40 million people annually. The comprehensive design services extend to brand image packaging and space design. The firm's approach involves studying the iconic features of diverse cities and integrating them into brand designs, adding unique local value. 



The '25 best firms' series is curated by the Archello editorial team. The selection is based on a number of factors including the number of shortlisted and winning entries in the Archello Awards, the number of projects a firm has uploaded to its Archello profile, the number of projects that have been featured by Archello, as well as the size and quality of the projects included in each firm's Archello portfolio.